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It is a world known fact that only China and India can supply stainless steel Houseware in quantity because of raw material availability, production capacity labour and government incentive. Due to this reason they are leading the world Houseware export by providing at competitive prices. Though this is also a fact that many established brands have continued their name & have multiplied their businesses many folds. The thing to notice in this is that china and India produces maximum products for these brands. The increasing share of India's stainless steel Houseware exports can be identified through the fact that in worlds every big fair India has the maximum number of stalls after china. Now the manufacturers & exporters of India have understood the world market, they are well verse of the techniques of the trade , they have also updated their infrastructural facilities with the latest technology. This is the reason that many well known brands from around the world have outsourced their businesses to Indian exporters and have established their buying offices in India.
Till now china was providing their products on competitive prices and quantity on timely basis due to government help which was provided for 5 years for the establishment of industries but now it can be withdrawn in the coming three years which can result into getting the leading place in the world export market for the Indian manufacturers and exporters.
It won't come as an surprise, if in the coming few years the Indian stainless steel Houseware market equals or even beat the Chinese Market to lead the world market.
STEEL MARKET INFO and ISDO have organized india's first stainless steel fair Indinox 2010 which has proved a milestone in history of fairs. It has displayed each and every product of stainless steel product and we would like India to be a world hub in stainless steel where every buyer form each corner of the world can get every product at competitive prices and desired quantity. 
If you want to contact Indian manufacturers and exporters of stainless steel then kindly give us a pleasure to help you, we will make an effort to give our best.
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