International Issue 2009
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Dear Importers,

Wish you a happy new year !
The world wants to come up soon from economic recession. For this economists are trying to find out solution and hope that economy would be on the track soon.
However there is not much effect on industrial economy of Indian but looking to fact that either importers have cancelled their orders or have reduced the quantity of import, one can say that it has adversely affected exporters activities and this has pushed aside exporters on margin side which have no surplus finance.
India is producing about 22-25 lakh tonnes stainless steel yearly out of which 74% is utilized in the manufacturing & exporting S.S. houseware which is the highest in the world. It is also true that china and India are the only countries capable of meeting the demands of global market.
Though few years back, China was popular in manufacturing and exporting stainless steel products on the basis of subsidy given by govt. but now its popularity is gown down day by day due to its current financial policies and retardation in subsidy program. This is the basic reason that china is placing import orders on India for procuring goods and completing its export obligation. If this trend goes on in near future it is definite that Indian S.S. housewares would find place in international market though indirectly and this would support S.S. Industries of low scale and weak financials background.
Indian Manufacturers and exporters have tightened their waist to meet the global demand by updating their houseware manufacturing facilities to world class. Now India is capable of producing products with designs and patterns of international standard. 
In this context Steel Market Info is trying to arrange a fair cum exhibition in next year in Jan which would be first attempt of its own kind in S.S. sector where one can find all kinds of houseware products at one place. We assure you that Indian exporters would sincerely do business with you completing their commitments.
All the participants of this issue are up to the mark in meeting your business demand / orders and you must approach them.
Please mail us your queries, views and suggestions.

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