April 2014
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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Wish progress and prosperity in the new financial year 2014-15,

It is an established fact, that a well-placed, multi-dimensional and aggressive strategy has an inevitable contribution in promotion and publicity of any object, service or business. Advertisements and conferences/seminars coupled with other contemporary efforts also are integral components of such strategies. A timely and appropriate utilization of these promotional tools not only has the capability of taking your enterprise to newer heights but also establishing you as a successful entrepreneur. So the need is there only to take a visionary, informed and appropriate step.

Pioneer of Indian Stainless Steel industry late Sh. O P Jindal is an apt example, who by exploiting these tools in his time, while setting up his first enterprise, shot up to leading position in the Indian Stainless Steel industry in terms of production, following which, his successors have maintained the progress graph of the empire.   

Inarguably, it is the acumen and enterprise of the manufacturers and exporters, who can be credited for the quantum leap of the industry. But albeit, the prospects of further growth are immense, which can be tapped by obtaining information and sharing them. For this, need is there to identify these opportunities and dare to invest in them. The outcome will not be disappointing. Time never waits nor does the opportunity. A successful entrepreneur identifies them, takes a step and invests in them, others keep regretting. 

“Steel Market Info”, in its journey of past 14 years in pursuit of promotion of the industry, has not only been a close witness of the strides of the Indian Stainless Steel industry acknowledging the role of these opportunities therein but, in close association of the manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, buying agents and corporate, has also generated a B2B platform in the form of its trade-shows for the past 3 years, which have been visited by thousands of the local and foreign businessmen thereby according a recognition of such initiatives but also according unscalable heights to the industry here. 

Furthering these strides, the “Steel Market Info” is going to unveil the fourth edition of its shows, the 4th Indian Stainless Steel Houseware Show-2014, at Goregaon in Mumbai on 14-17 August, 2014. All the manufacturers and exporters are invited to participate in this mega exhibition in order to explore new opportunities and strike wider contacts.

“Steel Market Info” assures you that this investment of yours will not only get you a most suitable and appropriate platform to showcase your products line but an impartial and competitive feedback also.

In anticipation of a step towards higher skies by availing the opportunity and meeting at the show,

New financial greeting once again, 

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